When was the last time you sat down, resigned yourself that the exercise revolution (and resolution) had passed you by, and there really wasn't any point at all in eating well since you really could not be bothered to exercise?

The funny thing I have found over the years, is that when I am exercising, I am more mindful of what I am eating - more aware of the impact of what goes in, either needs to be burned off, or it becomes a waist (not just a waste).  When I am not exercising, that intention, and desire to eat well, and less junk - although you may think it should be stronger, is no longer there.

Here are 7 great ways that we are unwittingly burning off energy, so maybe we should not feel as bad when we do not appear to be up like the lark running for miles, or thrashing through the latest high intensity workout.

The Key I have found, is to stay aware of what is going into the body, and what is being used up, then, you do not feel so bad after all on an apparently 'lazy day'.  Personally I use a Fitbit (which measures my steps) and My Fitness Pal - an app where I log my food (very  approximately as I really would not stick to it if I was having to input every detail) and the App picks up all my exercise and calorie burn.  It makes me aware of what is happening.

So next time you feel that there is no point eating well, have a think about these 7 hidden ways to burn calories, and remember, that most things are doing you good, it's just yourself which can do the harm.

They are :

1. Gardening (150 - 400 calories an hour)

2. Dog Walking (200 calories an hour)

3. Housework (300 calories an hour - if you put some effort in)

4. Dancing in the club (up to 500 calories an hour)

5. Car Washing (250 calories an hour - obviously not by sitting in a car wash)

6. Shopping (especially Christmas shopping is a way to up those daily steps)

7. Watching TV (60-70 calories an hour)

Interestingly, throwing a BBQ or party, and the preparation and hosting which goes on will quite often make a huge impact in your daily activity, allowing you to eat those slow cooked spare ribs without too much guilt.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life