There we go, the most simple way of getting better at what you do, simply leave it out.  More accurately, leave it visible, in your way, a constant reminder.  So how does this work??

Take eating healthier, music, reading, exercise - what ever it is that  you have intentions to do better or more of, it is quite often not the 'doing' which is the challenge, but the 'remembering to do'.  A very simple way to help with all these things, is to leave a physical reminder in the way.

Eating Healthier

This came to me this morning, replenishing the fruit bowl at home.  Without doubt, within a few days, the bowl will be nearly empty, mainly because it is there - we see it, walk past it, grab some fruit and on we go.  On the flip side, at Christmas, when the tin of chocolates was left out, they too disappeared quickly, so it seems that what we see is what we gravitate to - our intentions are not necessarily held through.


Before children, my wife and I used to leave the musical instruments we played lying around the lounge.  Seeing them there, when we were passing, we would pick them up, have a quick play, then go about our day.  Had they been packed tidily away in a case in the cupboard, more effort (although seemingly little) would have been required to get the instrument and start to play.  Sometimes, the smallest things are the greatest barriers.

Nowadays, we encourage our daughters to leave their musical instruments out, ready to play when they are passing - and guess what ? It works! 


By leaving the book I want to read, or am reading very close to where I tend to sit to have time to relax and read (or remember to put by my bag when travelling), all of a sudden, there is a greater chance of reading it, than being left by the bed or on the shelf.  


Its not always sightly to leave a treadmill or rowing machine in the lounge, and in a bedroom they turn into clothes horses very quickly.  A yoga mat though, either rolled up and in easy access, or left out in view acts as a gentle reminder that it is not too much effort to start exercising.  Frequently I leave my yoga mat on the floor of my office, then, when I can, it is an even easier route to start exercising .

So, the simple step to move forward and remember to do what it is you want to do, is to leave things in view.  In fact, I can see my yoga mat out of the corner of my eye now, just in front of the trumpet stand, so one of the two beckons me now!

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life