It is easy to forget how tricky things can be - be it riding a bike, driving a car, developing a new habit, practising a new activity.  As we get used to things, develop our skills and abilities, the appreciation of how tricky seemingly simple things  for us fades, we take it for granted.

Here is a fun way to take us right back to that learning and appreciation, to unfold the subconscious activity and to recall what it is like for others starting on their path of discovery. Be it a new organisation, a new job, or whatever, most people start on a very steep learning curve indeed.

Take Donald Trump for example, like him or loath him, processes and organisations which President Obama took for granted, are now huge challenges for him, and in 4 years time, he will take them as a regular part of life.

On the way back from the swimming pool last week, our 8 year old daughter asked me 'how do you drive a car dad?' so rather than just say 'oh, its a little bit tricky and complicated' for some reason, I decided to describe everything I was doing, and believe me, not only is that a hugely repetitive task (and that 5 minute drive seemed to last for ever), but very eye opening...

"press the throttle, look in the mirror, indicate,  take your foot off the throttle, start to break, push the clutch in, move the gear lever, take the foot off the clutch, turn the wheel, foot back off the break, onto the throttle, straighten up the wheel, make sure indicator is off"...  and so on - that was just making a turning  in the space of a couple of seconds, in fact, it was almost impossible to speak the actions before moving onto the next one (and I have probably got some of these in the wrong order and left things out!).

So here is a fun task for today - if you are driving somewhere, describe everything you are doing out loud, if you are cooking, speak out the processes - and I mean every single one.

All of a sudden, we start to appreciate how impressive the brain is, how incredible, and how much understanding is required to master a skill or activity, or even a massive new job.

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life