How about this for a spot of irony, my wife bought me a copy of of Marie Kondo's 'The Life-changing magic of tidying', yet I already had one (but then, my book shelf was not, as you may say, de-cluttered - it is now).   

The beauty of this little faux pas, is that we can recommend the book, and lend a copy to people, without losing ours (the nice hard back version with the elastic strap).

So what is it all about?

Frequently, when working through our 3 questions with clients, figuring out what it is which frustrates them, or they feel regretful, or even, if they had a shortened life span,  the subject of organisation of their lives, their houses and their finances come pretty close to the top of the list (one client had numerous - and I mean months - of  back issues of the daily newspaper to read, cluttering up her house).

Not just reading for content, but intent (to actually do something from a book, not just add it to the knowledge bank to roll out to others), I set about de-cluttering my wardrobe.  Marie recommends doing this first and photos etc last.  Read the book and you will see why.  By the end of the day, at least two thirds of my clothes had been sent off to a clothing charity, even some shirts which I had never worn (typically online purchases which don't fit, I forgot to return them, then they only served to squash the other clothes),  I now have an organised wardrobe, with only clothes which I will wear, and appreciate wearing. You see, what is the point of hanging on to something you won't wear?  What is the point of hanging on to something which you paid a lot of money for, yet you do not even like it? 

This may seem ruthless, but it is a tremendously refreshing way to re-align your approach and attitude to not just tidying, but life in general.  All of a sudden, the clouds clear, things are easier to find, life is more simple, less stressful, and all thanks to a structured form of tidying.  It epitomises the meaning of the Swedish word Lagom which I wrote about recently here.

Once we get clarity and purpose in many aspects of life, the next stage is to organise, and the new found lack of stress.  Our minds can let go of those ongoing nagging concerns which we do not even know.  Like rowing a boat with multiple fishing lines getting caught on weed or stones, gradually, life gets harder and harder - until we start to cut those fishing lines, giving us freedom and ease before the oar breaks, and we end up spinning around in ever decreasing circles.

You do need to read the book however, to remain disciplined, be effective and get the most out of the life-changing magic of tidying.

Together we can bring Serenity to your life.