It is interesting how people have such differing views based on their own experiences.  That of course is all part of the rich tapestry of being involved in society.  

Everyone has their own view on things, based on what they have undergone, what steps they have taken, how others have reacted to them, and how they cope and deal with what life throws at them. For some, everything is worth knowing, for others, they 'know it all' and are always right.

The thing is, that we do not know what others see, what they hear, how they feel and what benefit they will get from us each and every day.  Now, when I say us, I do not mean financial planners, life planners, writers, coaches, mentors, or any particular sector - I mean US.  US being society, an individual, an aura, what ever people see and experience.

To some people who I know very well, they read my articles and wonder what on earth goes on in my head, labelling it as a bit alternative, wishy-washy, tree huggy and nothing to do with very much. That is fine, that is their view, and if they get something from it, great, if not, well, that is fine also, it really doesn't matter.

The people who really make this work worth it, even if it is just the one person, are those who gain something, be it enjoyment, purpose, reflection, even the inspiration to get up in the morning.  

A friend said to me last week 'Thank you for your articles, I really enjoy them'.  Now, this person has one of the most challenging jobs out there, has not found life easy in recent years, and doesn't always wake up with the inner view of morning sunshine dancing off the daffodils. Some mornings, the inner view is grey, murky, dank, and oppressive. 

That is the point, the real point, if all of us in society can find a sense of purpose, of inspiration of uplifting light from somewhere, and if we can help save one soul every now and again, surely that is what it is about.

Our race is called, humanKIND - so lets try to be KIND, inspire others, and not get too caught up if people do not see life the same way which we do.

To that special friend, this one is for you, you may not be walking on sunshine every day, but keep that rhythm of life ticking along.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.