It seems, there is at least some logic as to why a 2 year old wants to play with the box a toy comes in more than the toy itself - exploration!

The attached article compares why children look forward to, and remember experiences and differences for such a long duration (as do we come that),  so rather than heap constant gifts upon them, days our, trips, holidays would seem to be what they actually crave and enjoy most (once the thrill of getting a present is over with).

Children see things very differently to us.  Taking the cardboard box packaging again, yesterday I had to throw away some of the usual gigantic Amazon boxes.  BUSTED - I was spotted trying to smuggle the our the door to the recycling pile - to me, a box for recycling, but to our daughters a world of endless imagination and fun (and then taking residence with great sentiment in the corner of a room for months).'

The Travel Bucket List is often referred to, and is in the attached article.  One thing we ought to put into perspective, is that it is all very well having a list of places to go, but what is the point of going there? The real purpose of what we hope to get out of the trip, the journey, the experience?

Bragging rights about how you have ticked many places off your list, almost akin to playing a board game is unlikely to engage with your children's sense of adventure, yet when you understand what the experiences will be for everyone, now that is a different ball game altogether. It is the differences, in food, transport, the people, how things generally are which inspire and enlights children.  Maybe things which we just have to deal with, almost inconveniences, yet to the inquisitive mind, a source of fun, excitement and memory making. 

A great lesson which I learned on a recent trip, was to remember to live in the moment, not be tied to a preconceived idea or plan, and to savour the time - everyone's time, and everyone's experience.

Be it a 2 hour walk, a day trip or the holiday of a lifetime, remember to allow everyone to embrace the experience and make their own cherished and lasting memories.

Together we can bring Serenity to your life