It is so empowering to de-clutter.  To discard the weight of residue - be it the physical weight of the clothes which make our hangers bend and buckle under the strain, or the psychological strain when we simply cannot find anything to wear - at which point, we are indeed 'worn out'.

So with our clothes organised, the office tidy, cupboards all in order, even the garage organised (there is an ongoing battle I constantly have), everything seems just fine - until that is, we turn on the laptop, an endless list of emails to read and do something with which actually are not urgent.  Then we try to find something (it's easier with gmail) which is just a hunt for a needle in a haystack.  Add on top of that 'useful bookmarks', shortcuts and news feeds clogging things up, and the online world is starting to be as cluttered as that wardrobe was.

Finally, we turn to photos - now where are they? Dropbox, icloud, any number of other online storage spaces which we have quickly 'clicked and saved' to in the past.

Here is a great article from Angela Horn and Joshua Becker to guide us through the maze of online de-cluttering, and of course, you can do this at your leisure - on the train, in front the tv, where ever, but do have a go at doing it.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life