Our friends are just about to have a baby, one which, without doubt will be brought up in the most loving, caring environment possible.

Love, care, and consideration are all key elements of our development, as are diligence, trustworthiness and ability in a business environment.  A huge differentiatior is culture - or intention.

In the same way which two businesses can have exactly the same level of technical professionalism, so can two families have the same approach to values.  

Moving a stage further, the intention of how a family chooses to live and develop - be it outdoors or indoors, by the sea or in the city, full of cuddles and kisses for each other, or a sort of clumsy 'obliged semi-formality', fun and frolics, or taking everything seriously.  Families are crafted, people are formed, and personalities, values and legacies can be so differently created by these intentions.  Intentions to be developed and valued by the individual then embraced or changed through their lifetime.

Turning back to the comparison with businesses, some take a very different intentional approach to others.  Be it focusing on the art of finance  with great insight, skill and genius, or looking at the person, treating the client as the individual that they are, and working with them on the important things in their lives - not just concerned with financial stuff. After all, when the time has run short, money no longer makes that much of an impact. Who is the richer of the two men when both have  a week to live, yet one has £5,000 in the bank and surrounded by loved ones, while the other is a millionaire and is all alone. 

Intention is who we are, who we want to be, and how we shape the world around us - and that is a great thing to be intent on developing. What are the intentions you have for your family and future, and what culture do you want to develop for your business?

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.