Here is a great article  which I came across, one which I am sure every parent can identify with at times - especially on a rainy damp day.

Every now and again, we need to really connect with those little people we have created, and when children are a little bit ill, they tend to be wonderfully cuddly.  What could be more comforting than a quiet day of snuggles on the sofa, no hurly burly, some real down time for both of you, and a chance to wind right back to those early months of their lives when they just cuddled and slept.

Just imagine sitting, soothing, loving, and dedicating some real quality time, free of that boundless energy, just those little fingers and arms wrapped around yours.

Of course, it is wonderful to see them recover as quickly as they fell ill, and no parent would really want their child to be unwell.  But next time you have the opportunity, shut off the technology, wind back the years, and enjoy that very special and sensual time which passes all too quickly by comforting and caring for your child.  

Even if sometimes they could struggle on through their usual day, it may do both of you good to be that little bit selfish.   As the article says, 'tomorrow, we'll go back to the daily shuffle and routine...'

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.