Recently we looked at this list of 15 things put together by John Rampton which may be holding you back from financial freedom.  The list is :

  • Living Above Your Means
  • Lack Of Determination
  • Neglecting your Health
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Relying on One Source Of Income
  • Wasting Valuable Time
  • Not Acting on Your Ideas
  • Not Reading
  • Fear and Negativity
  • Not Setting Goals
  • Avoiding Routine
  • Not Collecting Assets
  • Spending Time with Toxic People
  • Failing to Follow to Allocate your finances (70/30 rule)
  • Not Having A Mentor

Today we are going to look at the second - Lack Of Determination...

Typically, we have a great idea, it seems wonderful, a huge boost of energy rushes through us, then we do one of two things - we think about it 'rationally', or we tell someone about it.  At this point, unless we are very lucky, the same thing happens, obstacles get in our way (or get put in our way), doubts arise (or are voiced to us), and we dismiss that great idea, that dream or vision.

The result is, that we never get the opportunity to dream big - to live into that vision, to start that journey which could transform who we are.  Without even giving it a chance, our ideas are confined to the 'I wonder if I could have' bin which we stare ruefully back into in our old age.

When however we give that idea, dream or vision a chance to flourish - looking at the possibilities without attachment to the obstacles, creativity starts to happen, we dare to have a degree of determination, and we start to win that biggest of all battles - the internal struggle.

This is why, when planning the future with our clients, we dedicate sessions and time towards the vision of the future, with the work being nothing more than trying to live into that future.  We deal with the obstacles a couple of weeks later, in their own dedicated meeting, by which time, all those things which would have initially kicked the future into touch, are no longer as insurmountable as they first were, and we can overcome them one by one.

Today's work is to allow what ever idea, thought, vision or dream arrives to flourish, don't allow your negative self to get in the way, and especially, don't share it with negative people who cannot resist the temptation to pour cold water on your enthusiasm.  After a week, then look at the obstacles and doubts, you'll find they are not so huge as you may think.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life