Recently we looked at this list of 15 things put together by John Rampton which may be holding you back from financial freedom.  The list is :

  • Living Above Your Means
  • Lack Of Determination
  • Neglecting your Health
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Relying on One Source Of Income
  • Wasting Valuable Time
  • Not Acting on Your Ideas
  • Not Reading
  • Fear and Negativity
  • Not Setting Goals
  • Avoiding Routine
  • Not Collecting Assets
  • Spending Time with Toxic People
  • Failing to Follow to Allocate your finances (70/30 rule)
  • Not Having A Mentor

Today we are going to look at the third - Neglecting Your Health

Healthy = wealthy in every sense.  Exercise, a good diet and plenty of good sleep increases productivity, reduces stress, boosts memory, helps your long term health and much more.

It is not just physical health, but mental health which plays a huge part in our well being, so how do we start to figure out how to move to this healthy being?  What is it we really want?

I once had a conversation with personal trainer and nutritionist Mike Casey of Optima Studio which completely change my perspective.  Having spent 35+ years avoiding any type of exercise at all,with a young family, I thought that maybe it was time to be a little more responsible. Mike's methods are superb, a sensible way of eating good, wholesome unprocessed food, and only exercising at the right time - when the body is not under stress.  He told me that I would 'want' to exercise (I doubted that, but hey, I was game) when the time was right.  Sure enough, a couple of weeks into the plan, and I felt compelled to go for a run - a whole minute before walking for a minute and a half (that was part of the Couch to 5k app which is excellent). Believe me, when you spend a whole minute running when you have spend 18,396,000 minutes avoiding exercise, that is a long time to be in motion!

What made the ultimate difference for me, was how Mike helped me visioned why I was with him and what I wanted to achieve. He doesn't do fad diets or trying to lose a load of weight for a wedding, but in my case, he did.  You see, Mike asked me my long term health goal - really long term, not 6 months or even 6 years - but 26 + years. For me, the father of a baby girl, I had two images in my head - one of an overweight old man, walking on sticks, towing an oxygen tank behind him as he shuffled up the church (OK, I wasn't that bad, but these things can spiral), the other vision was a smart, dignified man, defying his age, vibrantly escorting his daughter up the aisle on her wedding day.

Finding the time is always a challenge (that article comes in 6 of 15 in a few days), and for me, the big vision is the thing which matters, then to break it down into bite sized chunks so we have a chance of achieving it. Amazingly, the vast majority of our clients at Serenity, somewhere along the line want to improve their health, and that can have quite an impact on their finances (scrapping unused gym memberships for one in exchange for cost effective exercise or yoga apps), as well as giving them the energy to move forward with the rest of their plans in life.

Today's work is to imagine how you want to look and be in 10, 20, and 30 years time, and also how you want to feel when you look back on those photos and videos years after. Then start to think about your own health and habits, nothing else, as we will come across more helpful tips as this series unfolds.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life