Recently we looked at this list of 15 things put together by John Rampton which may be holding you back from financial freedom.  The list is :

  • Living Above Your Means
  • Lack Of Determination
  • Neglecting your Health
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Relying on One Source Of Income
  • Wasting Valuable Time
  • Not Acting on Your Ideas
  • Not Reading
  • Fear and Negativity
  • Not Setting Goals
  • Avoiding Routine
  • Not Collecting Assets
  • Spending Time with Toxic People
  • Failing to Follow to Allocate your finances (70/30 rule)
  • Not Having A Mentor

Today we are going to look at the tenth  - not setting goals...

There are many many more people more qualified than me to comment on this. Indeed, look at Amazon and type in 'Goal Setting' and you get 7,492 search results.

Simply, goals are there to give you direction, aspiration and intent. Without goals it is easy to drift, to float around, and never progress - in which case, you are most likely moving backwards. 

The key thing with goals is to have a structure and strategy in place to move towards them, and moreso, to keep monitoring that progress - 'What gets monitored gets done'.  You can set all the great goals and intent in the world, but if you forget about them until the day before you plan to hit them, chances are, you won't.

Another interesting thing about goals, is that once you have hit them (sales goals in particular), it all seems a lot easier.  People talk frequently about huge stretching goals (especially managers) yet I suspect many of these are for someone else's benefit.  

My good pal Terry Mullins was once working with a huge organisation who could not figure out why their salesforce was downbeat, and constantly missing their goals, yet a few, who passed their goals, went on to tremendous achievements - all of a sudden it became easy for them.  He suggested lowering the targets of everyone - and incredibly, sales increased!

We all need to set goals, and ones which we can achieve, and ones which move us in the right direction!

To move towards your goals ...

What are the things you really want to achieve & be specific about these?

Make the target number based - something which you can measure properly

Review it - is it really achievable, or just a ridiculous hope? 90% of what you think may be all you need to propel you beyond the 100%

Break it down into months, weeks, days (hours if that is what is needed) - days seems to work well to build a habit sooner.

Monitor it

Share the goal and monitoring with a trusted person (not necessarily spread it all over Facebook)

Enjoy and revel in your ongoing success by building in mini-rewards.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life