There's nothing like a good picture of a giraffe looking at you to grab the attention, something quizzical, interesting, not sincere, yet regal.  We can learn so much more from the animal kingdom though as outlined by Jessie Klassen in the attached article. 

Five things in particular stick out, each one giving us greater insight...

1. Accept Your Spots - you are who you are, and you should never be ashamed of that. Your beliefs are just that - what you believe in, and whether others agree or disagree, it doesn't matter, that is just their belief, which again is fine. If you are a little different, you stand out - just like the giraffe amongst a group of camels. 

2. Your Perception is Very Limited - Animals have different eyesight to us, so what each of them see, is different to what we see, even as far as perspective. Take the giraffe again, they may be able to view danger from a long distance away - but do they see the snake as easily as the mongoose on the ground? What's the difference between a long way down and a long way up?  Nothing - the distance is the same, it's just the perception of view which is different.

3. Stop the Toxic Self Talk - It is easy to get wrapped up in the unpleasantness of life, lacking tolerance and understanding, spiralling into anger and hatred. In the article, Jessie talks of the magpies 'song' - a squawk really, but even a squawk has a pattern and a rhythm, which eventually we may grow to love - if only we stop the self talk of anger towards it.

4. We Feel Everything You Do, No Matter How Small - everything we do has an impact on others in some way or another.  The smallest gesture can cause the greatest of impacts - in both a positive and a negative manner.  A speaker once asked me if I thought that everything I did from waking had an impact on my clients. I replied that I thought it did, at which point I was ridiculed. My belief holds firm. If I am fit and healthy, that preserves the longevity of the relationship with my clients. If I have an open mind, I can serve them better. If I eat well, I am more alert with greater energy for them.  Everything affects everything else.

5. A Garden Is Magical, Let Me Show You How - Little bugs can take us on journeys, a garden can bring us fruit to feed us, flowers to uplift us, growth to amaze us.  The humble (and rather determined) bramble does all of this. It grows with vigour, sprouting roots where it touches the soil, creating another plant, and another, and another. Just as we are tempted to destroy it, the flowers turn to berries, and from the danger of the thorns and attack on the plants around it, we look forward to rich, ripe fruit. Deep purple berries for children to smear all over their faces and clothes with sheer delight.  All that from a weed - the happiness of memories.

Nature is wonderful, it teaches us to accept who and what we are, to appreciate others views, to enjoy the beauty which we may not first see, to be mindful that our actions spread, and to appreciate the magic of everything around us.

Take a walk around a garden later, and absorb the beauty and lessons which nature offers.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life