We have all seen (and probably worked for) that egocentric social-psychopath, who charms the birds from the trees, then after a short term, hard nosed money making above all else comes to the fore.  Trampling over staff, lacking any compassion, care or understanding, yet trying to perceive to the outsider that they are consideration personified.  Does that person sound familiar? 

I once worked for someone who told me that they were great with people, but not with relationships.  Maybe the alarm bells should have started ringing then, but schmoozed by this persons sharp suit and sports car image, it took me a number of years to have the courage to break free, during which time, I learned many lessons, and observed some great examples of how not to treat people or behave in business.  Why, just why would I ever want to be like them?!

On the flip side of course, we often have to look harder for the modest, caring compassionate person, who can get easily overlooked on the scramble up the corporate ladder. Not one to shout, brag or reach for the limelight, but preferring to do things the right way, with care for others, this person can easily blend in.  Again, I have witnessed these people, who were never trumpeted about for 'bringing home the bacon' or creating a stir, but continually doing the right thing.

It is not just the business world where we see both these types of people, but in all walks of life, from fundraising groups, to charities, to religion and sports.

There are 4 main elements to becoming abundant with the new currency of kindness :

1. Follow the right path (always doing what is right)

2. Work inside out (people treat people as they are treated themselves)

3. Audit your 'life happens' policies (praising people when good things happen, not storing it up, and to be flexible when life gets in the way)

4. Give away the power (allow those around you to practise kindness, even if it costs a little bit)

Incredibly (tongue in cheek) when we work this way, happiness increases, an aura is created around us, and we attract more of the right sort of people.  They are drawn to us, our organisation, and bring with them more people like them. Riches flow - not just the traditional currencies, but that most valuable of new currencies - Kindness

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life