Breakfast is for wimps right?


In the link below, there are 10 fascinating facts about why we should eat breakfast. Missing it no longer seems an option (and not having enough time is not a viable reason to be honest). 

Overweight? Eat breakfast!

Can't concentrate? East breakfast!

Poor diet? Eat breakfast!

Slow metabolism? Eat breakfast!

Feel anxious? East breakfast!

Can't exercise? Eat breakfast!

Worried about diabetes? Eat breakfast!

Grumpy or sad? Eat breakfast!

High cholesterol? Eat breakfast!

Rocky relationships? Eat breakfast!

When you read this list, there are actually many areas which our Financial Life Planning clients at Serenity highlight as things which trouble them. The source behind them may be money, it may be something else, but one thing is for sure, that by helping people come to comfort and ease around their finances, that comfort filters into other areas of their lives.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life