When was the last time you faced a difficult decision?  I don't mean whether to go for a Chinese or an Indian, I mean a very difficult decision. The sort of decision which would have far reaching consequences throughout your life.  

Have a think for a moment before you read on, then when you have recalled that decision, carry on below.

The big decision may have been a career move, a relationship change, something to do with a past time or hobby, maybe something connected to the family.  Most of these are the things which really give us the greatest angst, the worry, which ultimately, leads us to some form of financial decision or impact which may be far reaching, even devastating if we get it wrong.

Before we make the final decision, there is this state of limbo, of great unease and suspension. Paralysed by worry and rapid thoughts, that uncertainty starts to feed into all areas of our lives, appearing to others as stress, worry, short tempers, depression, aggression and many other feelings and emotions.  So how can we short circuit these thought processes to make the decisions easier?  By using our core values...

Once we know what our core values are, we can use these to help us come to the right outcome, or should I say, the outcome which seems most right at that time.  Any decision is better than no decision, so that we can move on and away from that all consuming state of limbo and uncertainty.

Here's how to do it (it's going to take a bit of time, but it will be worth it)...

1. Write down all the things which annoy you about an organisation and people - the traits which you do not like, approaches which sit uncomfortably with you, attitudes and practises which give rise to an uneasy thought pattern.  List them all.

2. Read them out loud, and notice how those words make you feel.  Note the words I used - how they make you FEEL not think.  What is happening in the body, try to describe it in depth.

3. Now write down all the opposites of those things in point 1.

4. Cover up the first list, and read out second list (out loud) - now how does that make you feel.

5. Welcome to your core values. Live them!!

When we understand our core values, and apply them to a decision we need to make, all of a sudden, those difficult decisions become a lot easier.  We are using emotion - that one thing above all else which humans are motivated by. We can argue to and fro all day with well balanced logical rationales, based around money and everything else, yet the emotion is the thing which uncovers our feelings, which in turn, relate directly to how we attach our environment to our core values.

Get those core values right, follow the emotion, and the financial bit will follow.  Short-cut the process, and you condemn yourself to a life of well thought out unhappiness.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life