In this mini series, we are going to expand on this article - 5 Top Tips on Happiness From Richard Branson.

Today's to start us off is "It's the moments that I stopped to be rather than do, that have given me true happiness"

Sometimes its great to be busy, flat out, keeping active, multi-tasking, listening to podcasts as we walk, whilst we eat at the same time, probably another couple of activities thrown in as well to make that time be even more complex.   Yes you are busy, but are you happy?  Are you getting the full benefit from each of those activities?

2 quick examples :

The first, is an eating meditation.  My wife thought I had gone gaga when I told her I had just spent 45 minutes eating a sandwich and a packet of crisps. But here is the thing, I still remember many aspects of that experience, from appreciating the packaging (someone had to design it), to enjoying at the aroma, salivating as the first item of food sat on the tongue, waiting to be chewed. It was a far cry from the usual 'eat as fast as possible and get on' approach many of us are used to for lunch. 'Be'ing with the food instead of just eating it, gave me a great a memorable experience.

Secondly,  is the enjoyment of just sitting, looking and enjoying.  Where we live in Cornwall, we have many stunning places to visit and spend time.  Our favourite beach is Poldhu, but there is also a hidden gem at The Lizard, - Church Cove which is nothing more than a couple of cottages and a slipway.  It is stunning to sit, look and just be. We had a wonderful evening there, just sitting, enjoying the moment.  Just writing about the place now brings a smile to my face.

Take some time to 'just be', it will bring unexpected sources of happiness to your live, and give you a chance to take a step back and reflect on what is truly important.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life