In this mini series, we are going to expand on this article -5 Top Tips on Happiness From Richard Branson.

Today, we turn to the question of when to be happy.  Richard's take on this is that 'happiness shouldn't be a goal, but a habit'.

Many times we hear people say, 'when I have achieved this' or 'when I have that', then I will have happiness.  Well, here is a question - what if it doesn't?  What if, when you have that thing, you just want another, and another and another - and nothing ever brings that happiness?

A lot of that endless pursuit comes from not being aware of what we have, of what makes us happy, and of living in the moment.  It is taking the time to reflect on the hear and now, look around and be aware.  An integral part of that, is of course standing back, and, just like yesterday, taking the time to be.

At the end of each day, try writing down 3 things you are grateful for and appreciative of.  At the end of a week, you should have over 20 great things in your life - now that is worth appreciating now.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life