In this mini series, we are going to expand on this article -5 Top Tips on Happiness From Richard Branson.

Today, we turn to the question of how do we measure happy?  Richard's take on this is that "Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make, or the people they associate with. But, true success should be measured by how happy you are"

Is the person with the most the happiest?  Rarely!

They may not have the worry of financial shortage, but there may be many other issues acting as barriers to their happiness and enjoyment of life.

I know of a top London barrister, who earns a fortune, lives in a very expensive area, and is more miserable than you can imagine.  He has money, a big salary, connections but no happiness.

A client of mine who lives in London but is working on moving to Cornwall realised that despite the decent South East salary and plenty of equity in their house, was only seeing their children for around 2 hours during the working week - and those 2 hours were not exactly 'quality' time. Exhausted at the weekends, they were not the greatest of family times either.

After some work, analysis, re-prioritisation, and some soul searching conversations, we have managed to put together a financial life plan to enable them to move to Cornwall, work hours around their family priorities, allow the children to grow up in a stunning environment, and all the family can focus on the pursuit of happiness as opposed to the pursuit of more.

Take the chance to put the breaks on, review your situation, priorities and life when you are in control, rather than let circumstances overwhelm you, either crushing you altogether under the weight of burden, or at the very least, forcing you to make a decision in haste.

This is what we do at Serenity.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life