In this mini series, we are going to expand on this article -5 Top Tips on Happiness From Richard Branson.

Today, we turn to the question of when to be happy.  Richard's take on this is that "Take the focus off everything you need to do, and start being - I promise you, happiness will follow"

When we are all consumed by doing, and focusing on what we need to do, ought to do, and feel obliged to do, that is a one way ticket to worry, misery and burnout. Instead of that, when we focus on actually being, instead of stacking up more things to do, all of a sudden, happiness start to come our way.

From being, being aware, enjoying what is going on, our spirits lift, the tasks we have to do still get done, yet generally in a far more productive manner.

For example, trying to do 5 tasks in the morning, with two children running around is tough to achieve - virtually impossible. If the top storm chasers in the American mid-west cannot keep up with one tornado, I have no chance of coping with 2!  The solution (which is far easier said than done) is to let go, forget what has to be done (because it is quicker to do when focused and happy), enjoy the moment with those around us rather than trying to multi-task and get nowhere.

The outcome - happiness comes from being and accepting what is, and the tasks get done far quicker shortly after. Nobody remembers doing all their chores in a week's time, but maybe, something special which occurs by being in the moment may stay in the memory.

Sometimes, it is all about letting being busy wash over and around you, and then take the time to savour the moment.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life