Been there, done it, got the T shirt, ignored the advice!

My twenties, the years of gothic musical influences, travelling around the UK watching Leeds Utd, and an occasional bit of studying thrown in.  Then it all came to a halt when I started work for Lloyds Bank - the fun police rode into town in style!

I was however very fortunate. Joining Lloyds entitled me to a non-contributory final salary pension scheme (gold dust), and although the salary was not exactly eye watering, I managed to pay back all those student loans I so avidly protested against all around London 'What do we want? Grants not loans! When do we want them? Now!'.

I was lucky, and at Serenity, we are all too aware, that those in their twenties now, do not have such luxury. Here are two key tips for anyone now starting to earn money :

1. Don't Fall Into Credit Card Debt - it can be expensive, affect your ability to get a mortgage, never seems like real money, and keeps creeping up on you.  £700 can turn into £800, then its £1000.  Then there's not a load of difference between £3000 and £4000 - it becomes a habit, a reliance, and is a devil to escape from.

2. Start Saving For Retirement - every 5 years you delay starting a pension, you need to pay in double.  Looking at it another way, if you now start your first job taking home £1,000 a month, that is a huge increase from earning nothing.  It's tough to do, but how about taking home £850 a month, putting the other £150 each month into a pension - now that makes a huge difference.

Our twenties is for fun, for exploration and for living, and all of that can be possible, at the same time keeping an eye on the future.  Believe me, you will thank yourself one day.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life