It's one big balancing act - work, family, relationships, friends, hobbies, obligations - and don't think for one minute that you are the only one who tries to keep all the balls in the air - it is an art - a real art, which at times may seem a little harsh to some, but once you have things in the right priority order for you, clarity quickly appears.

Of course, it is not just as simple as writing a list, and all of a sudden, life is realigned. There are many great tools to help you get over this - some of which are just positioning or seemingly challenging questions.

Having said all that, it still looks easy for VIPs, who seem to have a packed life, yet is is tranquil (or so it looks).

Here are 6 ways how they achieve organisation :

1. Get your to-do's out of your head and onto one document. - A most effective way for this is to schedule everything which comes in onto your diary for the TIME FOR COMPLETION - which is very different from a deadline.  I no longer have to do lists, or deadlines.  Everything is scheduled, from the pile of post, to an email which will take time - get it on the calendar and the brain will let go of it.Lock in your calendar and set alarms so you don't need to think about what's next.

2. Lock in your calendar and set alarms so you don't need to think what's next - Building on the last point, all you have to do is give your self automated alarms, reminders, and 'time is up signals' and you no longer have to waste energy and focus checking on the clock.

3. Use "batching" and filters so you only get the info you need when you need it. - Do emails in one go, return phone calls at a particular time. If you have a good email system, make sure every email which comes in has it's own folder - that way, the things you don't want to read now (not affecting other people straight away) can be directed out of sight.

4. Opt for "good enough" on the little decisions so you can focus on the big ones. Smaller tasks, whilst they have to be right, do not always have to be perfect.  After all, perfection is the enemy of completion, and will send you into a never fulfilling circle.  Do you recognise the 'just one more tweak' late at night syndrome? 

5. Regularly capture, triage and prioritize new items. Always keep notes and ideas - in one place.  I recently came across a great app called Braintoss.  What this does, is allow me to record audio messages (which it transcribes the audio into text - well, it will when it can understand my Cornish accent) and also snap photos.  Where this works well above the usual recording and photo options, is that it is all emailed to me, so I can then find everything in one place.  By recording and grabbing the thoughts as soon as they arise, I don't forget them.  Leave them 5 seconds, and they are gone.

6. Have a "War Room" that contains what you need — and nothing else. - Not always my strong-point, but keep a clear desk, only containing what you need - laptop, phone, jotter pad, coloured pens, and a time analysis sheet (I use that to keep track of where I spend my time against where my priorities are).  Keeping things clear, with only the essentials help us to focus, to keep a clear mind.  I am sure we have all been in a solicitor or accountancy practice where there is little space on the desk or floor because of all the files.  Really, in 2017 is this necessary?  A dedicated area for focused work, reflection or creativity is another great idea - move away from where you normally do admin, and find that 'open minded' space - even it is sat in the same chair, but looking the other way.

Just one of these will make a huge impact.  Perhaps try them in order 1 through to 6, then see how you get on - go on, put that in your diary now to start tomorrow.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life