We have all read and heard about the pressures of SATS, GCSEs and peer groups on school children these days.  It seems such a long time ago when my only concern was how much mud I could scrape off my school trousers before getting home.

Nowadays, things are very different.  Online bullying, social media escalating issues with incredible speed, media 'role models', and the influence which TV stars have on our children. OK, so perhaps back in the 80's we had slightly different role models on TV (a couple spring to mind who seemed perfectly harmless at the time, but not so now on reflection), so perhaps dangers were always there.

Of course,back then, everyone had to 'man up' or 'pull yourself together', dispute were settled an on we went.  2017 is a very different place for children, and there really is no reason why they should not learn mindfulness as early as possible in order to make their path through life less bumpy.

In a recent study, the UK has second worst mental health well-being among students in the WORLD, only avoiding last place due to Japan, but well behind Turkey and China amongst many others. 

Nearly half the pupils in the UK indicated that their many concerns were money worries, health issues and social pressures.

You may well not be surprised that in our work at Serenity with our clients, common areas which give rise to angst and worry (and frequently appear in answers from George Kinder's famous three questions) are ...

... yep, you guessed it - money worries, health issues and social pressures.

Everything is interlinked, and the sooner we can help children to cope with these worries and concerns, the sooner they can get on with living the life they want, rather than being burdened with anxiety which will become ever harder to shake off through life.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life