Or shall we call this, 10 ways to at least have a go at over the Easter holidays?

Soon, the Easter holidays are upon us.  The onset of spring and the excitement that brings, the lighter days and warmer weather, a chance to go outside without having to go through the challenge of convincing little people that wellies, jumpers, coats etc are necessary, and of course, throw into the mix a sideboard full of chocolate eggs, and we have the Easter holidays.

Maybe not quite as challenging as the fever pitch levels of the Christmas holidays, but certainly, Easter (and especially this year) school holidays are going to be a test of many parents resolve, balancing the winning of mini battles, with the wider picture of family development.

Nikita Ivanov has brilliantly illustrated 10 rules which he has used to raise his children. Some may shudder at the thought of some, but, each has it's own logic and benefit. 

They are :

1. Restrictions for your children should be concerned with the safety and personal freedom of other people

2. Punishments are known in advance, and are inevitable and predictable

3. Mum and dad are always on the same side.

4. Growing older means new opportunities, not new duties.

5. Children are their parents’ reflection.

6. Don’t frighten children.

7. Don’t compare children to others.

8. Give them a choice, and teach them to listen to their desires.

9. "Do this" never works.

10. Love is not a part of the deal.

You need to click through to the link to see the illustrations and explanations, some will stick in your mind, and hopefully remind you when the going gets tough.

Oh, and remember, sometimes it may be ok for the Easter Bunny to pop back at night-time when the going gets tough, and eat  the odd Easter Egg or two. That may also help you the following day (that's not one of Nikita's tips, but one which we used to great effect last year - until my clothes felt a little too tight).

Together we can bring some Serenity to your lives