One of our hardest challenges is to leave go of thoughts, words, opinions, impressions and perceptions.  All of these add up to emotions – which, as we shall see, are just like a spot (or zit).

Take that wonder of becoming a teenager – the start of a small spot or zit – it may be hardly anything below the skin, just small enough to feel or sense, but nobody else can notice it. 

HOWEVER – temptation grabs us, we return to it, time and time again, exploring, poking and prodding it – we cannot leave it go, so from what was hardly anything at all, starts to become inflamed.  It starts to hurt, causes us embarrassment, worry, anxiety. It grows and grows until we cannot see past it, it is the WORST thing ever.

Just as it seems to be at its worst, full with poison or puss, it makes our eyes water, there is only one way to deal with it, because now it has developed out of all proportion, it cannot be left, something has to be done.

Squeeze, pop, and we look in (or on) the mirror – huge relief. 

Whilst the worst is over, there is a mark, an obvious pointer to what was once there.  If we can now leave it alone, it will repair un-scarred and over time, will be un-noticeable.  Of course, some, cannot leave the spot alone, so they pick at that place, eventually, forming a permanent scar.

The same applies for emotions.

If we can find a way to allow the thoughts to settle, without making up our stories of woe and misfortune, without replaying everything and reading too much into every situation, without attaching fact to someone’s opinion (their view of the world – not yours), the emotional zit goes away without anyone noticing.

On the other hand, if we cannot do this, and dwell on the situation, mull it over, give it attention, and spiral onwards, the emotional spot grows and grows, become evident to everyone, until…

We either explode, react to it, release the tension (not always in a good way), or acknowledge it, and do our best to leave it alone.  Either way, we end up looking in the mirror.

The even more difficult, long term attitude then, is to leave the emotional spot alone.  The situation is either subsiding and will disappear, or, it has (literally) come to a head.  Rather than make a scar, the action then is to accept what has happened, without judgement, and move on.

Of course, as always, this is far easier said than done.  Mindfulness practises such as meditation and yoga move us towards having the ability to let the thoughts go and the feelings be.  Every now and again, an emotional spot may come along, but lets just see, if we can resit that temptation to squeeze it next time.

A couple of great places to start are Headspace (meditation) and FitStar (yoga) – both of which help me.  It is a journey….

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life