How many times have you been looking for something – either physical or metaphorical, and you call for help, all of a sudden, it starts to come your way or your notice it more?

Write Down What You Are Looking For

A few years ago I saw David Batchelor speak at a conference. David has an amazing range of tricks and techniques, and this one just astounded me. “…write down the five things you want to get out of today on a sheet of paper …” Amazingly, as his talk went on, the things the audience had written down were being ticked off – everyone had their aims and questions answered. Yes, David is a great presenter, however here, because subconsciously answers were being looked for, they were found.

Be Mindful Of What It Is

Imagine you want to buy a new car, any car, but be specific of the make, model and colour. You will have passed many of these every day, however, without doubt (unless it is a very unusual choice) tomorrow, you will see many cars like these. They pass you every day, but it is just that mindfulness and subconscious observance which makes you aware.

Vocalise It To Your Circles

Once you vocalise to your circles what it is you are looking for, the chances of finding it multiply exponentially. More people are looking for you, and the more specific it is, the great the chance of finding something close to it. Imagine you want a two week holiday at Sandals, Montego Bay, Jamaica starting on 1st November. That is pretty specific, yet you may be prepared to take another resort, another location or another week. Once you narrow down the search, others may provide solutions which are close enough, which is far more gratifying than no solutions at all.

Directly Ask For Help

How about being bold, and directly saying to one person “I need help to achieve this particular goal or dream, can you point me in the right direction or help me directly”. You will be amazed how often things are created, problems solved, and challenges overcome just by doing this. To my own surprise, after recently asking someone for help, they created a programme for other financial advisers – specifically following my request – amazing.

So the four tips to find what you are looking for are :

 1. Write down what you are looking for

 2. Be Mindful of what it is

 3. Vocalise it to your circles

 4. Directly ask for help

 I’d love to know which of these, or others, has had a profound effect on your future.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life