Any day now, pop-up adverts, TV adverts, in fact any form of advert possible (other than perhaps a plane pulling a banner unless you are an Arsenal supporter) will flood into our lives, promoting the great urgency to invest into an ISA before the end of the tax year.  Scarcity sells, so with a few days left, many consumers will feel that they must make the most of this opportunity  'use it or lose it'.

Lets look at a few facts here :

1. A tax strategy alone is never a good enough reason to make an investment - it may not suit what you truly want to do, or be consistent with how much risk you want to take.

2. There will be another tax year coming along right after this one - and in the next one, the ISA allowance is generously being increased to £20,000 per person.

3. You can save into a Cash ISA instead of an investment one - so if you are determined not to miss our on your allowance, you can do so, then reflect on whether that money should be invested or left in cash.  Changing options does not affect your allowance, and at least you do not have to panic invest.

All of this means, that you can use your ISA allowance without feeling under pressure to make a decision which may not be right for you or your future. This can be done on-line, on the phone, at the bank, you don't need to pay for advice which may not suit you 100%.

Just like getting into a swimming pool, it pays to check the depth of the water, the temperature and whether you can swim before jumping in feet first.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.