If you click through to the attached article, back in January, I had a great theory about planning ahead for the hour change this weekend.  Each week, set you alarm 6 minutes earlier, and hey presto, you have achieved the extra hour effortlessly.

So that sounded fine in theory, but the practise was so very different.

I had been waking at 05:00 in any case (and while that sounds a bit crazy, it enables me to complete my daily activities of exercise, shower and publishing articles before the rest of the family wake up).  I then moved the alarm just 6 minutes earlier.

Let me tell you that just 6 minutes seemed like a major shift, so, after a couple of weeks, I went back to 05:00.  In recent weeks however, I have found that even that leaves me a little short of sleep.  Of course, that increases our chance of illness, reduces our patience, and as we say in Cornwall, makes us a little bit teasy sometimes.  So now, the alarm is set for 05:30, which I rarely sleep until, and gives me the chance to wake naturally, and get ahead of the day, rather than feeling waking a bit of a burden.

As with every plan, an honest review is essential, and not just sticking to the same strategy because that was the original plan (that is what happened in 1914, and we all know what horrors that brought about). 

Be it financial planning, life planning, or indeed anything else, adaptability and listening to what feels right and appropriate is an essential part of success. 

So contrary to my previous post, shifting the body clock isn't always that easy, so perhaps try to get some earlier bedtimes this week, because that Monday morning WHALLOP is heading your way in only a couple of days.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life