People with a highly empathic disposition may at times feel they are cursed, but, it seems, there are 4 great powers which they can develop.

1. Reading People's Minds - well, whilst not being Mystic Meg, awareness and being grounded enables you to pick up on many subtle facets of people's body language.  Of course, we have all heard of manipulation, mirroring, and other tricks, but aside from that, it is possible to sense what the other person is feeling, and judge how to converse from there.  In Financial Life Planning, we regularly practise this, so that we can then be more aligned with our clients true emotions, and allow them to have the freedom to share what it important.

2. Become Your Own Emotional Suerhero - by being to understand others, the great art is then to understand yourself.  The art of having that split second pause between thinking, interpreting and acting.  A chance to make sense of a situation, and rationalise it for what it actually is.  When we coach people, it seems all so obvious, and when we in turn are coached, we can see the answers being waved on a flag way in the distance.  The difficulty always is, that the time it takes to travel that distance is minuscule. Self empathy helps to give us space, to react better.

3. Transmute the Negative Only You Can Feel - It is a funny thing, that a bad atmosphere in a room can be sensed.  This can be counteracted in many ways, finding a positive, be it humour or other energy, and be known as the inspiration and the energy maker.

4. Turn Your Sensitivity Into A Highly Coveted Skill - Sometimes, when we need quite, a space, something natural, or greater softness, as opposed from making us odd, unusual or 'special', it has the tremendous benefit of bringing that awareness that we may not be alone, and there could be others out there who may crave the same space and gentleness.  In such a case, this gives huge opportunity to serve others who have similarly aligned values.  Take our approach at Serenity, it is all about the person, caring most about them, what matters to them and their lives, and how they are balanced in every area of life.  We gravitate towards those who share similar values.

Those with more gentle, empathic understandings may not be able to see into the future, but there is certainly a hidden aura, an understanding and a feeling that they just 'get it', they have the time for others, and genuinely want to help.

At Serenity, we were once told that all we did was sell fairy dust (the stuff that Tinkerbell in Peter Pan sprinkles).  To us, that was a huge compliment - just close your eyes, sprinkle some fairy dust, and make a wish - who knows what will happen?

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life