In the modern era, many people lay their lives open bare (or so it may seem). Facebragging, Facebaiting, and another raft of techniques to get instant feedback, response, even stir up emotions are sent our way every day.

Aside from 'OMG I just can't believe it' (which is the most obvious Facebait) and other such posts and statements, there are a number of things which it seems we may do well to keep to ourselves.  There are arguments for and against each as we shall see :

1. Your Goals : By sharing them, there is the chance you will get support, help and encouragement from unexpected sources, however at the same time, when you are praised for the aspiration of the goal, the brain gets its reward, and it is even harder to generated the motivation and enthusiasm to follow through.  

2. Your Personal Life : Whilst when things go wrong it is great to have a friendship group to rely on, on the flip side, may come criticism, gossip and judgement - none of which will help your emotional well-being.

3. Your Family Drama : Just like the above, support is great, but never forget, when the chips are really down, family tend to be there for you (just think of the last relationship breakdown you had, however many years ago it was), so by berating them in public is highly disrespectful to those you love.

4. Courageous and Good Deeds : Whilst good news shared is great, when you are baiting for praise and appreciation, it doesn't just annoy people, but also casts doubt as to whether you did the deed for the right reasons, or to generate some self publicity. 

5. Material Belongings : Everyone's journey is different, and whilst some people admire those who have something new, a car, a house, or a flashy new watch, to some, jealousy arises.  Couple that with perceived arrogance, and you are well on the track to losing friends, and even finding that some may celebrate your downfall. Don't take a trip to Eleveneriffe, just because someone just mentioned that they went to Teneriffe

Be careful who and what you share with whom, some people will rightfully celebrate your success, guide you through troubled times, and encourage you on your way towards your goals.  That type of person tend to be professionally trained, and can help you in ways that you need it. Rarely will your Facebook friends or the genius down the pub see it the same way.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life