It's all too easy to go about the hurly burly of life, rushing here and there, not paying attention to much, and in particular to our bodies and what they are trying to tell us.

Now, don't think for one minute I am trying to encourage a tribe of hypochondriacs amongst my readers, or someone who starts at the beginning of a medical journal or book, working their way though the ABC of illnesses - asthma, blood pressure, cataract and so on... (I'm sure my Nan used to do that, then be magically cured with whatever the Doctor prescribed).

It is important though, to just be mindful of what is going on, beware of the potential issues, and maybe, just seek advice once in a while.  As the symptoms below are not necessarily of an urgent nature, there should be plenty of time to get a doctor's appointment, still have the ailment, and hopefully not deteriorate too quickly.

Here is the list of 10 warning signs to look out for, and click through to the article to see what each may mean in more depth ...

1, Bad breath - or severe hydration?

2. Damaged enamel - or acid reflux?

3. Snoring - or cardiovascular disease?

4. Increased visits to the bathroom - or type 2 diabetes?

5. Changes in bowel movement - or IBS / colon cancer?

6. Salty food cravings - or calcium deficiency?

7. Sweet food cravings - or magnesium deficiency?

8. Low grade fevers - or leukemia?

9. Sudden weight loss - or diabetes / cancer?

10. Impotence - or cardiac issues?

Sometimes, we need someone independent of everyday life to open up to, yet rarely do we get the chance to have those deep and honest conversation with yourself and someone you can put your trust in.  It may be nothing, but then again, it could have a huge impact on your life.

Now, if you know someone that any of this may apply to, please share it with them.  Just a tip though, try not to say 'I read this and thought it may be useful because of your bad breath'  - that may lose you a friend sooner that not doing anything at all.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life