Imagine this, the first day of the school holidays, children excited, the onset of spring, Easter Eggs arriving by the truck load.  Combine childhood excitement with copious amounts of chocolate on hand, and we have the perfect opportunity to test your parenting skills.

Aside from the usual conflict management skills dealing with such dramatic problems as 'she looked at me' or 'he has one more grape than me', Brightside have outlined 11 great tips to help our children discover more, develop themselves and be a model to future generations :

1. Spending sometime on yourself, demonstrating a healthy example meditation, yoga etc)

2. Dealing with the source, not the consequences of a problem

3. Helps to search for answers, not just providing answers

4. Encourage thinking again, rather than putting children down

5. Allows children to be themselves rather than continually using someone else as an example

6. Allowing mistakes to be made, rather than continually guarding

7. Encouraging thought of consequences, rather than just saying 'Don't'

8. Trying to be natural and open rather than holier than thou

9. Understand they have to be more, rather than just being a tacher

10. Demonstrates why its better to do it this way, rather than just showing what to do

11. Shows how to keep their word, rather than demanding they keep their word.

Although none of these may give a magic wand solution to school holiday conflicts, over time, each of these practises will have a great impact on both the children and the parents, creating a more rounded and productive family.  Now how great would that be.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life