At Serenity, a key part of our work with clients is to help achieve their deepest dreams and desires. Frequently, aside from stronger relationships with families, leaving legacies, and being at ease having done more for others, travel to a very special place is often included.

Imagine for a moment, being near the end of your life, your health prevents you from visiting that one very special place - be it where you grew up, where your ancestors came from, or even a place you had always  dreamt of visiting.  It may just not be time which you are scarce of, it may also be money. 

Either way, if planning has come too late, there in London, a hospital is using virtual reality to help dying patients fulfil their dreams by visiting those special places.

For those who want to achieve these deep aspirations and precious trips in reality, planning of course is key, but if circumstances dictate otherwise, there is still one last chance with VR.

I challenge you to watch this video without a tear in your eye ....

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life