Here's a familiar old friend - the to do list.  That joyous tally of jobs, obligations and tasks which drain your energy day after day.  Yes you can benefit greatly by ticking them off once they are done, and some things may be tidier, other things may be achieved, but really, does it truly matter?

For a start, I don't believe in a to do list. Far better to take a leaf out of my good friend Terry Mullins' book (literally) to throw the list away, and schedule every task or thing which needs to be done - then it will get done, plus the added benefit is that the brain has let go of the task - something has already happened with it.

So if you do need to make a list, maybe there is a better type to consider. 

We are human beings, yet spend much of our time as 'Human Doings' - rushing around, completing pointless tasks, moving on to the next one in a state of semi-numbness from our true surroundings.

What if instead, we created a 'To Be' list?

So go on, grab a pen, a piece of paper, and start to ponder about all the things you would like to be.  Would it be elsewhere? would it be a different state of health? How about a different state of mind? Calmer, organised, tranquil? You may be one of the very few people who actually are perfectly content with who and what they are, no issues, no regrets, and no discomfort or uneasy conscience.  If that is you, then, your list is simply to just be yourself.

So next time you are rushing around flat out and in a hurry everywhere, just take time to reflect on who and what you truly want to be. 

Together we can bring some serenity to your life.