The wisdom of youth is often something to behold.  From an innocent awareness of others feelings, to designing a profound chart which could have a significant impact on the understanding of those in the household,  sometimes, the young people in our lives appear wise beyond their years.

Our elder daughter is a great one for lists, charts, badges, and organising others. Amongst this analytic approach, is also a very warm, caring, and loving person, who is very much in touch with others' feelings.

The other day, after much drawing, colouring and scribbling, we were presented with 'The Feeling Chart' to place on the fridge.  The thought behind this chart, is that all four members of the family can place their sticker where they are feeling for the day.  An inverted traffic light system, to let people know if we are feeling on top of the world (green), just ok (amber), or sad and feeling under the weather (red) - what could be more simple?

Imagine if we all had the courage to be open about our emotions, to be brave enough to let others know when we need help, or are just getting by?  

Look on Facebook, and most people's lives seem incredibly perfect, the same when out and about when socialising with friends, it is all too common to up the game, masking the reality, and bottling up emotions for behind closed doors.

Don't think for one minute that I am suggesting that we should all spend our times with our hearts on our sleeves, pouring out our emotions to all and sundry, but what may be useful is to find a group of truly trusted friends, where we can safely display our feeling chart, asking for help when it is needed, and seeking to help others when they need it most.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.