Now there is a concept and actually quite a deep thought!

This is a saying from someone's gran - who said it I genuinely cannot remember, but it stopped me in my tracks - what a great phrase!

So I tried it this morning. Buttering our daughter's toast, I paid attention to the precise work around the outside first, all of the slices had butter going up to the edges, then guess what, the bit in the middle was all but done. No finishing off, no re-scraping back into the butter dish, just all completed, and done well (it's sometimes the little things which are rather pleasing).

So what has this to do with life planning you may ask, not expecting to see too many culinary tips from me.

Well, quite simply, when we pay attention to the detail, getting the tricky tasks which can take more time done first, then what appears to be the large, big piece of the work then almost becomes a bi-product, and takes no time at all.  If however, we focus on the big thing first, leaving the detail until the end, there is a very real risk that bits will be missed, duplication of work may happen, and the whole task takes a lot longer.

Try it tomorrow, treat yourself to toast for breakfast, and start by buttering it on the edges first. It may not change your life but it may give you literally some food for thought.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life