In this day and age of the quick fix society, it seems very tempting to take a tablet and solve all our woes.

From a magic pill to help us lose all those pounds and stones which have crept on the waistline over the last few months (which remarkably, we expect to shed in a matter of weeks), to all sorts of other mental and physiological issues, it seems that the huge, profit making pharmaceutical companies have all the answers.

Or do they?

Perhaps, instead of turning to the modern, 100 year old 'advanced scientific West' we should look to the long established approach of the East whose practises have been around for thousands of years?

In the attached article, Alex Piertowski highlights the work and studies of the David Lynch Foundation, which showed that not only did ADHD drugs not help children (remarkably even being prescribed to some babies), but meditation helped the overall behaviour  of the school.

It is not many decades ago when 'patients' were tied to beds and shocked with electrical pulses to their brains to 'correct' their behaviour.  To us in the present age, this seems as abhorrent as attaching a goodly amount of leeches to the body to extract an illness.  

The question is, how long will it be until the commercialised world of healthcare and medicine start to pay due attention to practises which have helped people for thousands of years? Also, how long will it be until we look back on today's medical practises with complete incredulation at what we were doing?

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life