Why do some people seem so tranquil, so at ease, and not tied up in knots? If that is not you, then how do you get there? Here are 10 habits from the world of Zen (Mahayana Buddhism) which may help you. 

Now before you start to think that Buddhism is nothing to do with you, as you may be a Christian, a Muslim, an Atheist, Scientologist or anything else, a wise man once said, 'don't use Buddhism to become a Buddhist, use it to become a better what-ever you are' - great words of advice.

Here we go with 10 habits to change the way you are :

1. Don't compare yourself to others - this is harmful as there will always be someone better than you.  If you are going to compare yourself to anyone, compare to who you were yesterday.

2. Don't judge - nobody has ever walked in someone else shoes, so don't jump to conclusions. Judging creates burdens (and making you be attached to what is 'right'), and none of us need more of those.

3. Let go of anger - another unhelpful emotion, which prevents us from being centred. 

4. Let go of regrets -  these are things you cannot go back and change, so instead, forgive yourself and others, and move forwards.

5. Release your worries - much of our worries are based around our over enthusiastic imagination and stories. It is unlikely we can control our worries (especially if they are made up) so if you must, only worry about what is real and happening - don't fret over what you cannot control.

6. Stop assigning blame - this limits your own growth, and in all reality, what difference does it make if you have managed to blame someone? Does it change the situation? No, so how about looking at what is in your power to resolve the situation and move forward?

7. Let go of fear - much of this is made up and perceived, and serves only to stop you taking that chance, and exploring new possibilities.  

8. Have a good laugh - still the best medication, find the humour in the situation, even when it is tough - there is a chance that the brain will respond in a far more productive manner.

9. Single task - do one thing well, not trying to do loads of things at once. Concentrating on what really matters enables us to move forward at far greater speed (I recently switched from having 3 screens working at once to just one - that is having a huge impact on completing tasks - no more interruptions!)

10. Compassion - intentional kindness is a great gift, although many of us feel that it seems a little odd. Even a friendly word of encouragement or a compliment makes a huge difference. Even if someone is at the top of their game, they still thrive on a little encouragement and praise -that will change their day.

These 10 habits will not necessarily catapult you into deep and meaningful tranquility over-night, but in time, the world will seem such a more positive place to be, and your radiance will shine forth.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life