Nowadays, many childrens' TV programmes, as well as being entertainment, generally have some good lessons for our offspring to learn from.  

Back in the 1970's, we had Captain Pugwash, The Magic Roundabout and many others, all of which must have given the programme makers a jolly good laugh, but here in 2018, sometimes (more often than not) there are some very good learning points to note.

Yesterday, enjoying a rare family lie-in (about 7am), we chose to watch an episode of Bing, which regularly contains charming little lessons.  This episode in particular saw Bing at conflict with another character, which was pacified in a wonderful way - lessons for us all to learn.

In the heat of anger, both parties were asked to look out of the window, pick a cloud, put their anger on the cloud and try to blow it away - what could be a better way of alleviating stress?  Let's look at it for a minute ...

1. Diffuse the argument (by mentioning the clouds)

2. Change focus for the anger (put the thoughts on the cloud)

3. Deep breathing (by blowing the cloud away)

4.Release the anxiety (by seeing the issue literally drift away)

Sounds like meditation to me!

It left me thinking, what a great example to set and lesson to learn.  The whole thing will only take 30 seconds, but what a way to diffuse your stressful day.

Captain Pugwash and his crew may still give us a good laugh, but it seems that the modern day programmes are teaching our children far more than we may first give them credit for.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life