Painkillers, that quick solution, pop a tablet or two, then read the pages of side affects at a later date! 

Whilst this may work some of the time, there are a number of very great dangers which are being increasingly linked to some stronger pain killers. Drowsiness, depression, suicidal tendencies - you can find them all, yet too often, we ignore these. The truth is, we genuinely do not know what it is we are taking, so maybe it is time to turn to a natural approach, one which has been around for far longer.

Here are 6 natural painkillers worth a try...

1. Acupuncture - which sounds scary to be pinned full of needles, but is in fact, incredibly effective in releasing serotonin to generate our own pain relief.

2. Cloves - not great to chew (as my sister will agree with), but clove oil is well known for a temporary relief to tooth ache.

3. Spicy foods - cayenne pepper has a number of properties to help pain relief - best to drink it though than add spoonfuls to your meal.

4. Ice and heat - simple, natural relief, easing the pain (but do the research to get it the right way around).

5. Lavender Oil - great for headaches and massages.

6. Epsom salts - great pain relief (buy them cheaper by going to an equine centre rather than the high street)

In the attached article a homemade muscle rub which reads more like a curry recipe. Whilst you not smell as sweet as roses, it should do some good, and without exposing you to a number of horrific side effects.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life