It can be challenging enough starting a new job, the upheaval, a new environment, all those apprehensive feelings. Then...try running a marathon two days before!

The newest member of our Client Relationship Team, Vicky Parkes, is doing just this, only days before joining us at Serenity HQ.

Anyone who has completed a marathon will testify that there is far more to it than just running 26.2 miles (in reality, that is one of the easier parts - especially with the crowds cheering, the atmosphere, the goal of the medal).  The challenge of the marathon is the hours of training, the mental battles, the ever present conscience when you do not want to train.  Of course, on top of that, then comes the fundraising efforts. If filling your mind with 'what ifs' about the running doesn't occupy every waking hour, then in will come the planning and efforts for the fundraising activities.

AND, if that wasn't hard enough, you choose to run to promote awareness and fundraising for a cause very dear to your own heart - quite literally in Vicky's case.

A few years ago, Vicky was diagnosed with a heart complaint, and hastily had an implantable cardiac defibrillator fitted (basically a jump start kit permanently wired into her heart).  In her own words, 'I wouldn't be here to day if it wasn't for it'. 

Spurred on by the huge impact it has made for her (keeping her alive) she has chosen to run for FLEET (Frontline Emergency Equipment Trust) to make public machines accessible all over the UK.

Please click through here to donate to FLEET and ease one burden for Vicky, the fundraising goal.

Next week, we will hear how she got on, and formally introduce her as a member of Team Serenity.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life