To take a line from La La Land - it's just another day of sun.

We are all generally aware of the dangers of the sun, skin cancer, sun burn, these are all well documented, yet it is easy sometimes to forget about the benefits of being out in the sun - namely Vitamin D (which is not actually a vitamin).

Studies have shown that exposure to gentle sunshine of the face and arms for around 30 minutes a day help to stimulate the presence of vitamin D.  Ok, so what does that mean ?

Vitamin D it seems, has some great benefits : it helps calcium to strengthen the bones, it helps to get your muscles moving better, this in turn, brings less pain, which naturally reflects on a lift in mood and happiness.

Overall, from a little, responsible exposure to the sun, the body and brain functions far more efficiency, making you more productive, at the same time feeling happier.  Many things are interlinked, and there is probably not one isolated factor which influences the others, however, whilst it may seem to be 'just another day of sun' the reality is, that it may be giving rise to some wonderful subtle changes in how you feel and act.

The attached article goes on to look at many outcomes of  vitamin D deficiency and is well worth a read. In the meantime, make the most of the gentle sunshine when you can.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life