Life is fast and knowledge is far easier to source 'just google it' was never a phrase back in the 80's when I had to research my homework. We eat on the move, work on the move and live much of our lives and relationships on-line.   Yet despite all the wonderful advances in modern society, it seems that there are a number of habits which are counter productive for our intelligence.

Here are 5 habits which seem to be reducing our intelligence :

1. Multi-tasking - now, whilst this may feel incredibly productive, our concentration spans and levels are reducing. Focussing on doing one thing well, helps no end, and as I have discovered over time, by using just one window (and shutting down the email) helps to get the job done far quicker.

2. Poor nutrition - 'breakfast is for wimps, I just need more coffee' which is all well and good, but the body needs nutrition for a reason.  Try running a car without the proper fuel and see how far that gets you.  A tip I once read, was to have as many different coloured foods on your plate as possible - the caveat is of course that they are healthy foods, not a wide array of muffins and cup-cakes! Missing out on vital nutrients reduces brain function, leads to cravings, and poor behaviours, and no amount of coffee (or cake) will claw that back.

3. Googling and thinking you are an expert - there is no point in knowing anything, because we can google it! Well, not necessarily true, because if we do not retain the information, we need to search again, and again.  In addition to that, a quick, easy source reference is less likely to help us retain the vital details (I once had a geography teacher who insisted that we took all of our notes in rough, then wrote them up neatly as that would re-inforce the learning.  It works, and I still do that even today when working with my clients).

4. Being asocial - staying indoors, locking ourselves away, not integrating, none of that is healthy. Cast your mind back to caveman times, and recall how society was organised - generally as one tribe, and you had to belong, otherwise the sabre toothed tiger would grab you whilst you were alone.  From that, developed the need to remain integrated, to interact with others, and of course, all this protects us from developing psychological issues.

5. Lack Of Sleep - not only do we feel tired and lack concentration when sleep deprived (that tends to be due to the shortage of time in the brain being able to repair itself), but also the body itself starts to suffer (again, no time to repair). We start to miss others emotions, we start to lose that drive, to be our best, to be aware of dangers or perils (back to the days of the caveman again).  Sleep deprivation can be a very understated peril, and eventually will have a harmful impact on the way in which you react with others.

Quite simply, focus, eat well, learn not refer, be friendly and sleep well, those seem to be the best ways to preserve your mental strength.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life