Now, this may seem like very odd advice, as there is a strong chance you are reading this article on your iphone (other smart phones available).

My life is run through my phone - email, writing, calendars (which schedule the day), photos, fitness, alarms, pretty much the whole business can be run remotely, along with the majority of life. Even, whilst away in London, Skype and Facetime come into their own to catch up with Mrs S and the Squibbletts back home in beautiful Cornwall.

Every Tuesday I receive a great email from Andy Bounds (see the link to his website below).  Andy is a great inspiration, and puts things in a simple way, to help his readers move forwards in life and business - well worth subscribing to his free newsletter.

In this week's email, Andy talks about putting down the phone - in restaurants, in meetings, in presentations, when you are with a loved one and to focus on why you are actually there.  As he says, by looking at your phone in a meeting (or placing it on the table to almost give it it's own personality and presence), by being glued to it at mealtime, or when ever, what you are actually saying is 'whoever might call, is going to be far more important than this conversation or you'.

He goes on to highlight (and I am sure there will be a nod of recognition here) that many people look at their phone last thing at night, and first thing in the morning - even before saying good-night or good-morning to the person they share their bed with. So how does that make them feel? Would you really rather be looking and random posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, than paying attention to the person you love? 

My commitment here, is to leave the phone in another room overnight. I have an alarm, so the phone is not needed for that (plus the seagulls in Cornwall are rather enthusiastic by around 5:30am), so there really is no need for it to be by the bed.  

My regular posts may start to appear a little later in the day, but hey ho, if everyone follows the same rules, there should be no problem.

Sometimes, it is all about making the little changes, putting aside the changed behaviour we have adopted, and refocussing on where our thoughts and attention should really be.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life