How many times have you heard that phrase 'you've got it easy these days', or 'life was much tougher in my day'? 

It seems that whilst there may have been many more challenges in our Grandparents' time (war, famine, disease, more manual labour), it seems that in general, they were happier and healthier than many people today.

The great people of insight at Life Advancer have given us reasons why this may be true :

1. Grandpa Was More Physically Active - Many jobs had to be done manually. My grandfather for instance maintained three vegetable plots which kept the family in regular food throughout the year. This regular physical activity meant that they remained fitter and healthier.

2. A Simpler Life - Life went at the speed of life, there was no instant messaging, no emails, and in many cases, no phone.  When things happened, they happened.

3. Eating Healthily - It is not that many years ago when processed food was invented. Cast your mind back to eating at Granny's and generally, everything was cooked from scratch. This meant no preservatives, no additives, no growth boosting hormones and no influx of chemicals which have been shown to cause cancer.  These days, cooking from scratch may seem inconvenient, but it is far less inconvenient than storing up pollutants for a very serious illness.

4. No Addiction To Technology - No texting, no video conferencing, no Facebook - so guess what, they spoke to each other and built real relationships. A young colleague of mine recently revealed that he no longer uses Tinder for dating - but takes the revolutionary action of speaking to people face to face. Spookily enough, the ladies love him for this!

5. Deciding On Happiness - With so many traumas around, and real disasters (being bombed, disease, shortage of food) - not just dropping the phone down the toilet, or a post not being liked on Facebook - our Grandparents knew about positivism.  Always a smile, always plenty to eat, and always pleased to see us.

6. Hobbies - Our Grandparents did things - not looked at computer screens and pressed buttons. They did active things, walks, fishing, played music, knitting, the list is endless. Remember Granny sat in the lounge with the click click clickety click of the kitting needles going, then creating clothing for us? What a gift!

The thing is, we all still have a choice to do many of these things, to eat well, be active, do stuff and speak to people. Frequently, when working with clients, these are the things they wish they could aspire to and regain - and why shouldn't you?

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life