How you feel about things, is generally how you see them, even if the outcome is exactly the same.

Take this Saturday as a prime example.  A good friend of mine James (a Norwich City supporter) accompanied me on a 800 mile round trip to Elland Road to watch Leeds United v Norwich City. 

40 minutes into the game, and Leeds were 3-0 down (at home, in front of a 35,000 crowd), and to be fair, we were lucky it was only 3!  Now at this point, of course, James was delighted (and doing very well not to show his happiness being sat in the Leeds stand).   By the final whistle, Leeds had pulled the game back to 3-3, and were unlucky not to have won.

So, the result was 3-3, honours shared, yet who felt the happiest?  Those who let a three goal lead slip, or those who played themselves into a position to make life very hard indeed, yet partake in a thrilling game.

Half empty or half full ? It is all about perception and attitude to the situation.

Even though the outcome was not good enough for Leeds who up to that point were chasing promotion, we both enjoyed a thrilling game. I had the delight of seeing huge improvement, James had the disappointment of seeing the lead eroded, goal after goal.

Even though circumstances and outcomes in life can be the same for both people, they may have two very different opinions of the experience. Just because we believe something was great, that may not necessarily be the same for the person standing next to or opposite us.

Arriving home, we had watched an entertaining game, enjoyed each others company, and formed a long lasting memory of a great day out. Yes our viewpoints had differed on the route to the outcome and experience, yet the appreciation of the other person's experience was a delight. 

That is the key thing to remember, everybody's experience is important and unique to them.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life