Those creative geniuses have been at it again, with a great short film called Alike.

Well worth a watch, it focusses around the point that individuality gets eroded away in order to fit in with the 'norm' and expectations. This in turn leads society (and children in particular) to have their creativity suppressed.

Talent and gifts become untapped as we seek to cram everyone into the same box. Uniqueness is pushed aside as conformity takes over and everyone is encouraged to live and learn the same way.

Touching on parenthood, 'Alike' encourages children to find their own direction, to follow what really inspires them, and to allow their talents to flourish.  Watching our elder daughter today playing with bubbles in the wind, completely immersed in a world of her own, I commented on how wonderful it is when you see people lost in their own imagination and place - it really was magical.

Many years ago, I recall being told 'study do what you enjoy, that way, it doesn't feel like study'.  The same applies to our work and careers.  By following a role which you enjoy, love, and relish, work rarely feels like work, it is just following a calling.

Society however has conditioned us to put our dreams on the back-burner, to follow 'prudent and sensible' careers, and to fall into the mundane.

Sometimes, the opportunity comes along where we can take a step back, reflect, consider and change our future altogether. That is what we thrive on at Serenity, where no client is alike, no client is squeezed into a box, and everyone is encouraged to find their purpose and flourish. 

And if you want to blow bubbles with us, we couldn't be happier.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life