It is all too easy (especially for men) to ignore what the body is trying to tell us.  We put off addressing most things, hoping they will magically cure themselves, yet frequently, the body has a very subtle way of letting us know what is wrong.

Here are 10 easy to spot warning signs and the implications of each, plus, some handy tips.

If you recognise any of these, then click through the link and read on:

1. Bleeding gums

2. Dry skin on the elbows 

3. Brittle hair and nails

4. Dry skin

5. Poor sleep, irritability, leg cramps

6. Desire for sour food

7. Increased desire for seafood

8. Desire for raw foods

9. Sweet cravings

10. Cravings for salty foods.

Each of the above can highlight what 'may' be an early warning sign in the body. By addressing them, or at least trying to modify the diet as recommended, there is a chance that you can keep yourself fit and healthy.

I remember last year, I stopped running because my knee hurt. Without running, it still hurt, so there seemed little connection between the running and the discomfort. My solution was to drink more water and stretch more (yoga), and hey presto, no more knee pain!

Sometimes the simple changes in diet and behaviour can have profound effects, and give you one less thing to have discomfort about.

The less you worry, the more you can enjoy your life.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life