What a great way to end a conversation with someone by saying  'Have a good life'.

That is the phrase how one of our wonderful neighbours always ends a chat. A local legend, Baden always has a smile, always has time for everyone, and especially makes a fuss of the children. A man of huge dignity and decorum, and a true gentleman in every sense.

Whenever we end a conversation with someone, we never truly know when (or if) we will speak with them again. The brain has a powerful way of recalling our final conversations and meetings with people, and of course, the last thing we would want, is to be left full of regret, unable to do or say something to rectify the situation.

A key part of our work with clients at Serenity is avoiding regret - be it not have repaired a relationship or achieved something which has been put on the back burner for many years. It is all too easy to bury things, yet one day, they come back to play on our mind, creating guilt, unease and worry. The link between these worries, and a robust financial plan is usually very strong as our intentions get quickly de-railed.

Today is our big festival day in Helston, Flora Day. For locals, this day is more exciting and significant than Christmas, days counted down for months, and huge anticipation. It is a time for special memories and experiences, and warm words of affection. There really is nothing like it.

One Flora Day, and may it be many many years away, we will be left with those words in our minds  'Have a good life' - we won't physically hear them, but will always remember them.

Leave your conversations with happy, memorable words, and see how it affects both others and yourself in the most positive way.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life