How many people do you know who always seem angry at everything ? 

You may put it down to them being unfortunate, it may be that they just have a grumpy disposition, or, it could be that they are actually deeply unhappy.

Here are 9 reasons why someone may be unhappy, but just seem angry :

1. They like to play the victim - someone who is unhappy may find it easier to blame others.

2. The glass is always half empty - obviously an indicator of unhappiness, as they see no reason to view anything positively.

3. Insecurity is common - it may seem to be easier to push others away, before they get the chance to do it first.

4. Constantly comparing life to others - unhappy people constantly compare their hand in life, viewing positive people as 'having it easy' .

5. Jealousy - unhappy people would rather be angry at you and your achievements rather than trying to learn.

6. Get upset over small things - unhappiness leads our emotions to be almost in the red zone much of the time, so a small thing can be that one thing which breaks the camel's back.

7. Negative word count - they keep gossiping, complaining, and looking for negative things to focus on -  'misery loves company'.

8. The world's problems are their own - they claim that no-one can be happy whilst there is so much famine, war and injustice going on in the world, so they can justify their gravitation towards misery.

9. Lack of energy and motivation - they feel tired all the time, a general state of fatigue.

The above do not all need to be present to spot an unhappy angry person. What is interesting however, is to ask yourself, are any of these present in your own life? If they are, is there a source of unhappiness which maybe you are not addressing? Maybe, there is a worry about something which is leading to that unhappiness?  Maybe the cause is not really known yet, there is just something in the back of your mind which troubles you regularly?

Whatever it may be, by taking the time to reflect on your priorities in life, things which may be put on the back burner or pushed to the back of your mind, at the same time talking it through with someone to help make sense of it, there is a chance of dealing with it, moving forwards, and stepping away from that anger which is actually your unhappiness.

That's what we do with our clients at Serenity. We work with you to figure out the sources of unhappiness, anger or regret, and put in place a plan to help overcome them, staying alongside to see you flourish into the life which you deserve.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.